What a fantastic Summer we have all had so far, excepting the last week or so where the weather decided to change almost exactly as soon as the last bell for term rang out in the schools.  Typical!  Well the gardens and plants, and of course the crops, all needed the rain we have had.

As a result of the weather our jungle-themed woodland is looking more lush than usual this year and we had a very successful photoshoot with Nathan Lowe, our photographer, and  Ali Drew, our model.  Copyright: Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire 2018.

Our purpose-built gaming arena is set in over 2 acres of woodland with wood chip paths winding their way through it.  There is plenty of natural cover and also huts, bases, a maze, a roundhouse etc from where you can plan your attack for ‘Team Deathmatch’ or defend your food and water in ‘Supplies’.  Plenty of places also to protect your team mate in our thrilling mission ‘Sniper’.

We have loved seeing loads of familiar faces already this holiday and look forward to welcoming many more here when they come to Pembrokeshire.

Bookings are taken by phone on 07777 671301 as the sessions are timed.



In 2017 Wales is celebrating our epic past, present and future. This is our Year of Legends.

Yes, Wales is an ancient landscape, with thousands of years of history and myth. It’s a land of majestic mountains and mighty skies, fringed with an impressive coastline. But it’s also an epic land of thinking and high adventure. Everywhere you go, there are innovative ideas, in ancient places.

There are 230 beaches, 50 magical islands, and no fewer than 641 castles. Our capital, Cardiff, is a vibrant young European city which, in June 2017, hosts the world’s most watched annual sporting event, the UEFA Champions League Final.

Above all, Wales is a great place to enjoy here and now. There’s great food and drink, unique places to stay, adventurous activities and a legendary welcome.

This year we’re creating new legends. Want to come and find yours? Welcome to our Epic Land. #FindYourEpic


Blog by Beth Williams

Lucky you, you’ve been given the job of organising a birthday party!  Whether it be your daughter’s 10th birthday bash or a co-workers annual do, coordinating a memorable and seamless event is never an easy feat.  Avoiding the inevitable birthday nightmares is always a nerve-wracking experience to say the least – remember that time Mike turned up late to Karen’s surprise office party and ruined the whole thing?  Or even better, when all of the kids were scared of the clown at Ruby’s 8th birthday?

Younger kids parties are always a breeze until they get to the age where village hall discos no longer make the cut or they start asking to take 10 friends to the cinema, then go out for a meal before returning home for a sleepover with a three-tiered cake and karaoke.  Of course, you want to make a memorable day for all involved, but when your options are limited it’s hard to fulfil expectations – especially when you’ve got to consider potential age differences and conflicting interests of the party-goers.

If these annual scenarios and struggles sound familiar, Battlefield Live Laser Combat might just be what you’ve been looking for!  Catering to all ages and abilities from 7 years upwards, it’s the ideal activity that will have adults and children alike vowing to come back for their own birthday parties.  The adrenaline pumping action and excitement will make your event one that’s talked about for months to come, and you can rest assured it definitely won’t be the last time you visit for a party!  You can even make a proper day of it and bring along the family, cake and party poppers for after the game.

Our purpose built jungle-style battlefield and unique team challenges make Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat the ideal venue for mixed-age parties too, and everyone’s competitive streaks will reveal themselves soon enough!  Give us a call on 07777 671301 today to make your event the one to beat!


Blog by Beth Williams

This year we’ve chosen to holiday in Pembrokeshire, the serene coastal county of South West Wales.  We figured that a holiday closer to home would be more suited to our budget, and Pembrokeshire is always a firm favourite with families across the country looking for an alternative to going abroad over the summer.

However, without the sunshine that is more than guaranteed on the continent, keeping all members of a family of 6 entertained for two weeks isn’t easy work.  I’ve not had the luxury of having a swimming pool act as a babysitter for our 10 year old or a beachside bar to occupy our eldest every evening. Instead, my husband and I have directed our efforts into creating a family-oriented holiday, however unpopular it may prove to be at times! Much of this of course comes with the usual moans of ‘But we already went on a walk yesterday!’ and ‘What do you mean I’m not old enough to go on that ride, Mum?’ Add in the unwanted element of inconsistent weather and before you know it, running a family holiday feels more like coordinating an army.

However, all family differences and disagreements seemed to disappear upon visiting Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat.  The amalgamation of teamwork and tactics were essential to scoring a triumph in each game, which bought a totally new element to our expected seaside getaway.  After much persuasion from the kids, my husband and joined in on the game ourselves.  Before I knew it, the stress of the 9-to-5 job disappeared as I rushed through the woods completing missions and racking up hits.  We also opted for 3 family members per team, making the rivalry ever more intense.  Even I seemed to regain my competitive edge as my husband and I battled it out on opposing teams.  It proved to be the perfect way to encourage the kids to work together too – which is a rare sight to say the least!

I would definitely recommend to any family looking for a bit of action or to parents in need of a child energy-regulator. An hour and half of adrenaline-pumping action later and the kids were conked out in the back of the car, and proceeded to remain very quiet for the rest of the evening…Early nights all round!


If you want to try an amazing activity for the whole family then read the latest Trip Advisor review below:-

“Amazing Holiday Activity”
5 of 5 starsReviewed 28 August 2015

This place was absolutely fantastic! We had a family group which included ages between 10-70 and even the teenagers loved it ~ everyone came home smiling & weeks later are still talking about it.
The staff were exceptionally friendly & organised, clear & helpful. The layout for the missions covered a large, varied area & were well designed. The ‘weapons’ were accurate & reliable with options for ‘sniper rifles’ available in certain missions. The outfits were clean and fitted well. Some of our group waited at the reception area (whilst the battle took place) and were looked after by staff with refreshments. The facilities were portakabins near reception. Parking was easy. We would definitely recommend this place & look forward to going again.

Visited August 2015


A dog’s blog by Beth Williams

It’s Summertime, I’m with my family in Pembrokeshire and so far I’m having a great holiday.
I’ve been in the sea loads of times and really annoyed my family by running over and shaking my coat off on them whilst they’re trying to sunbathe.  I’m also constantly on watch for ice-cream that’s been dropped on the floor, but sometimes I just steal it straight off the cone when people aren’t looking.  I’ve been allowed to run wild in all the woods and beaches too whilst not having to worry about traffic or going anywhere I’m not supposed to.  Beats being in the city!

Sometimes though I have to go along with whatever everybody else wants to do and a lot of the time I can’t join in, which sucks. I’m not allowed out to dinner or in a lot of busy areas like theme parks, because lots of people think I might cause trouble.

But only last week my family went to Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat and I was allowed to go too!  It was only a 12 minute drive from where we were staying in Tenby, and the whole of my family booked into a game – even the adults!  The atmosphere up there was brilliant and everybody paid me lots of attention, which is all I care about anyway.  I was told that I had to sit and be a good boy whilst my family put on their coveralls and put camouflage paint on their faces – I tried telling them that it didn’t work because I could still see all of them but they didn’t seem to care.  I listened attentively to all of the safety talks, but was still told I couldn’t play.  Instead, I was given a comfy seat and a drink and told that my family will be back soon, and off they went down to play a game of laser combat.

I’m normally great at chasing lasers and I catch them every time (ask any of my friends), but I was told that you can’t see these ones so I’d be no good anyway.  So, instead I sat patiently chatting to some nice people that kept telling me how cute I was and making some friends with some others like me that smelled quite nice.  Every now and then I’d hear whistles and cheering from down in the woods as the games started and ended, and even though it sounded really fun I knew I’d be no help.  Besides, I’m colour blind so wouldn’t know who was on my team and who wasn’t.

I didn’t mind waiting because I knew my family were having fun and I was being well looked after by the staff at Battlefield Live, and I found that it was a nice change just to chill out in the shade for an hour or so while my family were playing.  After all, life’s hard being a dog.


Blog by Beth Williams

So, you’ve been thrown in the back of the family car – one screeching toddler to your left, sulky teenage sister to the right.  In the front your parents mimic a tennis playoff as ‘IT’S THIS TURNING! TURN TURN TURN!’ and ‘NO IT’S NOT, GOOGLE MAPS IS ALWAYS RIGHT’ are batted back and forth.  Meanwhile, you take up residency in the universally dreaded middle seat, passing the time with headphones in and anticipating what the week ahead will hold.  You’re off to Pembrokeshire, the Welsh county famed for its coastal towns, beaches and unspoilt natural beauty. At least that’s what all the leaflets say.  But take it from me, a resident teenager of Tenby – there’s far more to a “summer holiday” in Pembrokeshire than walks and picnics.  After all, there are only so many waves and rocks you can look at till enough is enough. Sometimes all it takes is a spin on a quadbike at Ritec Valley to shake off that 8 hour car journey, or a relaxing morning in Celtic Haven Spa to unwind from the stress of a week-long family holiday.  Within no time though you’ll likely realise that the weather is somewhat temperamental – but don’t let that put you off. Down here we’re accustomed to the rain, and so are the leading attractions.  Take the likes of Heatherton and Folly Farm is 5 mins away from Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire for example, where an abundance of indoor and all-weather activities will ensure that you won’t be stuck indoors playing Monopoly with your Nan all day again.
A highlight for the come-rain-or-shine brigade however, is Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat. If, like me, you’d rather pick fun, adventure and adrenaline over an afternoon stroll then this will undoubtedly be the highlight of your holiday.  Tactics and teamwork are key to scoring a triumph over your opponents, and you’ll be thankful that the Xbox had to be left at home – you get to experience the real thing instead!  Gaining hits, dominating bases and the desperate rush back to respawn becomes addictive as you refuse to let the other team pull out in front.  What’s more, the infra-red weapon technology allows the whole family to go along and enjoy a good old fashioned shoot out – what better way to get your brother back for nicking the last biscuit?


I can’t believe it’s already February!  We’ve had a jam packed start to 2015 already with loads of birthdays, some team building with Angle Football Team and also 12 Reg Royal Artillery, a fun charity event, military adventure training and a hen versus stag party along with lots of ‘family battles‘ and a mega Night Ops.  We even had one game where the kids wanted to play against the mums.  Guess who won – yeah the kids of course!

Ronald MacDonald Housing Charity Event – January 2015

Ronald MacDonald charity event at

Ronald MacDonald charity event at

Staff & managers of MacDonalds of Cross Hands enjoyed a second charity event at for RMHC.  A total of £180 was raised for the charity and both teams had brilliant fun.  It was very competitive with really good tactics being employed by both teams.  The VIP was rescued and the Black Team managed to keep her alive.  The group are already deciding on the next event.  Only thing is, will it be Night Ops or Zombies?????


Hens -v- Stags

Hens v Stags at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat

Hens v Stags at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat

Lotti from Marros Farm Riding Stables and her hens decided to have a battle against her future husband and his stags here at   It was pretty close but the stags won in the end.  It was a fun, exciting game and they all loved it.


But its not been all work and no play.  We went to see a very talented guitar duo at Cafe Vista last week.  Cafe Vista is THE place to go in Tenby for great live music, mostly acoustic.  They also do great food and it’s a lovely atmosphere in there.

Talking of music we had the pleasure of watching the very talented young rock group, Moosehead, perform at the final of Battle of the Bands in The Labyrinth Live Music Bar in Haverfordwest.

Pembrokeshire-based young rock band

Moosehead – Pembrokeshire-based young rock band

The trio came a very close 2nd.  Moosehead consists of two brothers and their cousin and they are all under 16 and under, with the bass player being only 13.  They are attracting a lot of interest wherever they play.  Look out for them this year – they are going places.

Our customers can’t wait until Bothy Tearooms are open again this year.  All our regulars look forward to visiting this delightful tea room situation in the heart of Colby Woodland Gardens  If you go there you must try one of their delicious home made scones with lashings of cream and jam mmmm.

Well I’ll sign off now as supper is beckoning .

Roll on Easter – which will be upon us before we know it.





NEXT NIGHT OPS – Sunday 21st December

Why not play an exciting Night Ops before Christmas.  Technically for this time of year it won’t quite be night but it will be dark.

The session starts early evening and promises to be exciting and a great deal of fun.

Spaces are limited to 18 people so book your place when you can on 07777 671301

The minimum age for this is 12


Well I think Winter is well and truly on the way as there is a marked chill in the air these days.  Pembrokeshire is perfect to visit in the Spring, Autumn and Summer but somehow it is even more lovely in the Winter.  Picture sitting in a warm, cosy cafe sipping steaming cups of hot chocolate after having hiked on one of the many walks in the area, or sitting back on a comfy sofa opposite a roaring log fire as the gentle sound of murmuring voices of people enjoying a heart-warming Sunday roast carries across the room.

There are so many lovely restaurants like The Blue Ball and The Plantagenet in Tenby, Coast in Coppet Hall, Saundersfoot, The Grove in Narberth and Ultracomida in Narberth.

Also there are a good deal of quality activity providers who are now opening all year round (some restricted to weekends).

For the active family coming to the Tenby area there is Battlefield Live Laser Combat, Heatherton and Ritec Valley Quads who are all open all year.  There are also many wonderful woodland walks like Amroth Beach, Colby Woodland and the Wales Coast National Park.

Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire also do laser combat at night!  Why not play an exciting Night Ops before Christmas. Technically for this time of year it won’t quite be night but it will be dark.  The session starts early evening and promises to be exciting and a great deal of fun.  Spaces are limited to 18 people so book your place when you can on 07777 671301.  The minimum age for this is 12

As we move through November my thoughts turn to the weather.  We may get some snow this year …… but I won’t hold my breath.  We were spoilt up until last Winter, having had two winters of delicious snow.  I know it is annoying for some people but it is so beautiful.  Also you can even play laser combat in the snow at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire!  Brilliant fun for the family.

Don’t forget that customers of FMB Holidays get a discount at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire – Book a family of four and only pay for three.

Well it’s not that long to Christmas now but I’m not going to talk about Christmas yet as for me it is far too soon.  I start to get all festive only when December is underway.  Come back in December to read a Christmassy blog 🙂