So, you’ve been thrown in the back of the family car – one screeching toddler to your left, sulky teenage sister to the right. In the front your parents mimic a tennis playoff as ‘IT’S THIS TURNING! TURN TURN TURN!’ and ‘NO IT’S NOT, GOOGLE MAPS IS ALWAYS RIGHT’ are batted back and forth. Meanwhile, you take up residency in the universally dreaded middle seat, passing the time with headphones in and anticipating what the week ahead will hold. You’re off to Pembrokeshire, the Welsh county famed for its coastal towns, beaches and unspoilt natural beauty. At least that’s what all the leaflets say. But take it from me, a resident teenager of Tenby – there’s far more to a “summer holiday” in Pembrokeshire than walks and picnics. After all, there are only so many waves and rocks you can look at till enough is enough.

Sometimes all it takes is a spin on a quadbike at Ritec Valley to shake off that 8 hour car journey, or a relaxing morning in Celtic Haven Spa to unwind from the stress of a week-long family holiday. Within no time though you’ll likely realise that the weather is somewhat temperamental – but don’t let that put you off. Down here we’re accustomed to the rain, and so are the leading attractions. Take the likes of Heatherton and Folly Farm is 5 mins away from Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire for example, where an abundance of indoor and all-weather activities will ensure that you won’t be stuck indoors playing Monopoly with your Nan all day again.

A highlight for the come-rain-or-shine brigade however, is Battlefield Pembrokeshire Laser Combat. If, like me, you’d rather pick fun, adventure and adrenaline over an afternoon stroll then this will undoubtedly be the highlight of your holiday. Tactics and teamwork are key to scoring a triumph over your opponents, and you’ll be thankful that the Xbox had to be left at home – you get to experience the real thing instead! Gaining hits, dominating bases and the desperate rush back to respawn becomes addictive as you refuse to let the other team pull out in front. What’s more, the infra-red weapon technology allows the whole family to go along and enjoy a good old fashioned shoot out – what better way to get your brother back for nicking the last biscuit?