Looking for a new team building activity? Look no further than Pembrokeshire Laser Combat.

Whether it’s an end of term blow out or a mid term pick-me-up, a day of adrenalin-pumping team challenges will be a sure crowd pleaser for staff and students alike. We can cater to groups of all sizes, meaning you can give a handful of star pupils a reward, bring the football team or even provide a day out for half of the year group. Our experienced marshals always provide a safe, exciting environment for group play to ensure that everyone gets the best out of their day.

Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat experience is perfect for your next team building, leadership or cooperation meeting. Why spend all day inside sitting on a chair that becomes increasingly uncomfortable when you could be outside in the fresh air helping you and your teammates learn active cooperation.  Sports Clubs and teams visit us throughout the year to sharpen team awareness skills.

Why is Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire better?


•   Psychological studies show that when people get excited together they tend to bond. Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat provides the excitement; you provide the people. No other workshop can do that!

•  We give you a chance to immediately apply the concept presented by playing a game with rules that reinforce this concept. This gives your team a higher retention rate and an improved ability to apply the idea once you leave.

•  We provide a positive, memorable experience. Your  team members will want to play again and again and each time they do they’ll reinforce the lessons that they learned before.

What kind of things can we teach your group with Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire?

• “Leaders are listeners”

•  “Why leadership sometimes means following” (and why every member of your team could be a leader!)

•  “Right tools for the right people for the right job”

•  “Don’t let yourself be distracted by doubt” (trusting your teammates)

•  “Never walk alone”

•  “Goals are made to be achieved”

•  “Encouragement is the gift that keeps your team giving”

•  “Clockwork cooperation” (how timing can affect cooperation)


70 mins ….  £25 per head

Bring your youth group or sports team here for some fun and adventure.

Phone 07777 671301 or email pembslivegaming@btinternet.com for further information or to book your teambuilding session.