Blog by Beth Williams

This year we’ve chosen to holiday in Pembrokeshire, the serene coastal county of South West Wales.  We figured that a holiday closer to home would be more suited to our budget, and Pembrokeshire is always a firm favourite with families across the country looking for an alternative to going abroad over the summer.

However, without the sunshine that is more than guaranteed on the continent, keeping all members of a family of 6 entertained for two weeks isn’t easy work.  I’ve not had the luxury of having a swimming pool act as a babysitter for our 10 year old or a beachside bar to occupy our eldest every evening. Instead, my husband and I have directed our efforts into creating a family-oriented holiday, however unpopular it may prove to be at times! Much of this of course comes with the usual moans of ‘But we already went on a walk yesterday!’ and ‘What do you mean I’m not old enough to go on that ride, Mum?’ Add in the unwanted element of inconsistent weather and before you know it, running a family holiday feels more like coordinating an army.

However, all family differences and disagreements seemed to disappear upon visiting Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat.  The amalgamation of teamwork and tactics were essential to scoring a triumph in each game, which bought a totally new element to our expected seaside getaway.  After much persuasion from the kids, my husband and joined in on the game ourselves.  Before I knew it, the stress of the 9-to-5 job disappeared as I rushed through the woods completing missions and racking up hits.  We also opted for 3 family members per team, making the rivalry ever more intense.  Even I seemed to regain my competitive edge as my husband and I battled it out on opposing teams.  It proved to be the perfect way to encourage the kids to work together too – which is a rare sight to say the least!

I would definitely recommend to any family looking for a bit of action or to parents in need of a child energy-regulator. An hour and half of adrenaline-pumping action later and the kids were conked out in the back of the car, and proceeded to remain very quiet for the rest of the evening…Early nights all round!