What a fantastic Summer we have all had so far, excepting the last week or so where the weather decided to change almost exactly as soon as the last bell for term rang out in the schools.  Typical!  Well the gardens and plants, and of course the crops, all needed the rain we have had.

As a result of the weather our jungle-themed woodland is looking more lush than usual this year and we had a very successful photoshoot with Nathan Lowe, our photographer, and  Ali Drew, our model.  Copyright: Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire 2018.

Our purpose-built gaming arena is set in over 2 acres of woodland with wood chip paths winding their way through it.  There is plenty of natural cover and also huts, bases, a maze, a roundhouse etc from where you can plan your attack for ‘Team Deathmatch’ or defend your food and water in ‘Supplies’.  Plenty of places also to protect your team mate in our thrilling mission ‘Sniper’.

We have loved seeing loads of familiar faces already this holiday and look forward to welcoming many more here when they come to Pembrokeshire.

Bookings are taken by phone on 07777 671301 as the sessions are timed.