Blog by Beth Williams

Lucky you, you’ve been given the job of organising a birthday party!  Whether it be your daughter’s 10th birthday bash or a co-workers annual do, coordinating a memorable and seamless event is never an easy feat.  Avoiding the inevitable birthday nightmares is always a nerve-wracking experience to say the least – remember that time Mike turned up late to Karen’s surprise office party and ruined the whole thing?  Or even better, when all of the kids were scared of the clown at Ruby’s 8th birthday?

Younger kids parties are always a breeze until they get to the age where village hall discos no longer make the cut or they start asking to take 10 friends to the cinema, then go out for a meal before returning home for a sleepover with a three-tiered cake and karaoke.  Of course, you want to make a memorable day for all involved, but when your options are limited it’s hard to fulfil expectations – especially when you’ve got to consider potential age differences and conflicting interests of the party-goers.

If these annual scenarios and struggles sound familiar, Battlefield Live Laser Combat might just be what you’ve been looking for!  Catering to all ages and abilities from 7 years upwards, it’s the ideal activity that will have adults and children alike vowing to come back for their own birthday parties.  The adrenaline pumping action and excitement will make your event one that’s talked about for months to come, and you can rest assured it definitely won’t be the last time you visit for a party!  You can even make a proper day of it and bring along the family, cake and party poppers for after the game.

Our purpose built jungle-style battlefield and unique team challenges make Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat the ideal venue for mixed-age parties too, and everyone’s competitive streaks will reveal themselves soon enough!  Give us a call on 07777 671301 today to make your event the one to beat!