A dog’s blog by Beth Williams

It’s Summertime, I’m with my family in Pembrokeshire and so far I’m having a great holiday.
I’ve been in the sea loads of times and really annoyed my family by running over and shaking my coat off on them whilst they’re trying to sunbathe.  I’m also constantly on watch for ice-cream that’s been dropped on the floor, but sometimes I just steal it straight off the cone when people aren’t looking.  I’ve been allowed to run wild in all the woods and beaches too whilst not having to worry about traffic or going anywhere I’m not supposed to.  Beats being in the city!

Sometimes though I have to go along with whatever everybody else wants to do and a lot of the time I can’t join in, which sucks. I’m not allowed out to dinner or in a lot of busy areas like theme parks, because lots of people think I might cause trouble.

But only last week my family went to Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire Laser Combat and I was allowed to go too!  It was only a 12 minute drive from where we were staying in Tenby, and the whole of my family booked into a game – even the adults!  The atmosphere up there was brilliant and everybody paid me lots of attention, which is all I care about anyway.  I was told that I had to sit and be a good boy whilst my family put on their coveralls and put camouflage paint on their faces – I tried telling them that it didn’t work because I could still see all of them but they didn’t seem to care.  I listened attentively to all of the safety talks, but was still told I couldn’t play.  Instead, I was given a comfy seat and a drink and told that my family will be back soon, and off they went down to play a game of laser combat.

I’m normally great at chasing lasers and I catch them every time (ask any of my friends), but I was told that you can’t see these ones so I’d be no good anyway.  So, instead I sat patiently chatting to some nice people that kept telling me how cute I was and making some friends with some others like me that smelled quite nice.  Every now and then I’d hear whistles and cheering from down in the woods as the games started and ended, and even though it sounded really fun I knew I’d be no help.  Besides, I’m colour blind so wouldn’t know who was on my team and who wasn’t.

I didn’t mind waiting because I knew my family were having fun and I was being well looked after by the staff at Battlefield Live, and I found that it was a nice change just to chill out in the shade for an hour or so while my family were playing.  After all, life’s hard being a dog.