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We pride ourselves here at Battlefield Live laser combat Wales as being a family friendly adventurous outdoor activity.  There is something quite thrilling in playing ‘hide & seek’ in the woods with your family.  Yes there is the added plus of having your trusty weapon at your side where you can look through a red dot scope with aiming precision and just wait for your moment to pick off your opponent.   The beams are harmless infra-red pulses just like in your TV remote and completely eye safe.  There is no physical contact and there are no projectiles, unlike paintball.

The sounds that emanate from the woods when a game is in progress range from shrieks of laughter; shouts of ‘watch the left, watch the left’; giggles; excited ‘whoop whoops’; whispers; and occasionally …. silence …. when both teams have decided to play the stealth card.

This Summer we had loads of families visiting us up to 3 times during their holiday here!

Here is the latest Trip Advisor review from a visiting family in the Summer

“A chance for the kids (and big kids) to play Call Of Duty in the woods.”
5 of 5 starsReviewed 6 September 2014

If, like me, you have kids/teenagers whom you can’t drag of the xbox/ps4 due to them playing CALL OF DUTY etc. Then this place is the place for them/and you.

The initial booking in process itself is good fun as you are presented with Camo overalls and a camo cap. Not only that but you are provided camo war paint. Genius!.

After an initial briefing and being set into two teams (you may not be on the same team as the rest of your family/party but it is negotiable. But saying that fun to go up against the kids), you are led into the woods to camp where, you are armed with your weapon and briefed on the first event. Before you know it you are throwing yourself all over the place, ducking for cover, barking orders, getting them thrown back at you and getting engrossed in the game.

There are several individual games to play and each game is explained to you before each begins.
The weapons are easy to use and have individual digital displays explaining your personal statistics. There are opportunities to use a differing weapon throughout the sessions.

All ages ages and sexes can play these games and what’s even better, is the ability to run the sessions whatever the weather.

The use of the companies overalls is a particular bonus. This, in essence, saving you getting your own clothes dirty.

The staff were outstanding. Friendly, helpful and polite. Bookings over the phone and by email were easy using the website and it appears you can attend and pay on the day (although booking ahead is better).

There is free onsite parking and toilet facilities consist of a portaloo which was very clean and well maintained.

This was one of the best days out that we have been to as a family and will certainly be going again.Worth every penny.

And for those on facebook or twitter, they even get you in the act with a group ‘Selfie’ if you choose to do one and upload it.

laser combat wales with battlefieldlivepembrokeshire

laser combat wales with battlefieldlivepembrokeshire

If you pay a visit to our website you will find that we have various offers and discounts of which  you might like to take advantage.  If you have any queries or wish to book a session time that is not mentioned on the website, then Toria is only a phone call away on 07777 671301 and she will be more than happy to try and accommodate your needs.

We have specials deals for clients of FBM Holidays and if you are thinking of visiting Pembrokeshire this Autumn then take a look at their facebook page.




For animal lovers it gives great piece of mind to be able to bring your dog, or dogs, with you on holiday instead of leaving them behind in kennels.  The holiday atmosphere with all their ‘family’ is good for them too.

Here in Pembrokeshire we have a choice of pet-friendly places to stay including accommodation with FBM Holidays.  There are lots of dog-friendly beaches here and some attractions such as Oakwood Theme Park offer dog kennels to leave your dog safely whilst you are there.

One of my favourite dog walks is Colby Woodland Garden.  If you park in the top car park (signposted) then there is a lovely loop you can walk with your dog safely.  If you feel like a refreshing cup of tea and perhaps some home made scones after your walk then just nip down the road – of course your dog is welcome too – and visit Bothy Tea Room which is situated in the delightful walled courtyard of Colby Lodge.  Dogs are welcome anywhere in the gardens as long as they are on the lead.

Colby Woodland Garden and Both Tea Room is where I send all customers of Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire who are not taking part in the laser combat action but would prefer a gentle stroll through beautiful gardens.  They all come back to pick up their family from us looking relaxed and chilled out 🙂

To cap off your day why not try one of Pembrokeshire’s dog-friendly restaurants found here in The Woof Guide or the Good Dog Guide

Have a look here for a details of where you can go with your dog and what you can do with them tagging along.

As I am tied up with running Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire every day my lovely dog Will has to wait until the early evening for his walk, or should I say run, as he is a greyhound/labrador cross with a large dollop of Belgian Shepherd mixed in.


He runs for miles then sleeps the rest of the day.  It keeps me fit and I come across friendly faces of other dog runners at that time of day.

Whether you come to Pembrokeshire with your dog or without, you will have a lovely holiday.  Enjoy






Book a family of 4+ and pay only £15 per person.  Phone 07777 671301 to book. Quote FAMILYWEB12 on booking. Full payment required on booking.  Subject to availability



What wonderful weather we have been having in Pembrokeshire lately – apart from today 🙁 Never mind it is just a glitch and we have all been informed by the weather person that sunny days are coming back to Pembrokeshire soon.

Talking of hot, sunny days did you know that Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire offers evening laser combat sessions too?  Our evening sessions are very popular with those who want the best of both worlds when they visit here on holiday; the beach and an exciting activity fitted into one day.  Last year we had lots of families take advantage of this.
1.  Spend the day relaxing or playing cricket/badminton/football on one of the many beautiful beaches Pembrokeshire has to offer, cooling off with a refreshing swim in the sea.
2.  Have a quick bite to eat to replenish energy levels in one of the many cafes around here.
3.  Play an exciting session of Battlefield Live laser combat with the whole family (min age 7).
4.  Chat about the evening’s adventure round the barbecue or a table at one of our local restaurants.
Your experience here will be fun and jam-packed full of excitement which will provide the kids (and mums & dads) with happy and long lasting memories.
Of course you may want to spend the day at Folly Farm (which is just down the road from us) before your evening ‘battle’.  In fact staff from Folly Farm had an evening session with us last night and had a whale of a time.
Folly Farm staff at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire

Folly Farm staff enjoying laser combat at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire

The final score was pretty close I might add.

I visited Folly Farm recently and saw their adorable penguins up close.  I’ve heard that a pride of lions will be settled in to the park in a couple of weeks time.  Cannot wait!



for Kids’ Birthday Parties in June

 Book your child’s birthday party for June 2014 and only pay £13.50 per person for an hour and a half of fun, excitement & action.


CALL 07777 671301 and book your party now or email us at


So much has happened in the last two weeks:-


The Falabellas #followthefalabellas from Marros Riding Stables came here for a visit.  We were second on their list of attractions to visit in Pembrokeshire (Folly Farm was the first stop).   One of the little cuties, I think it was Marlowe, took a liking to our cam netting and was caught nibbling at it and trying to pull if off a post. lol.  They were so sweet and a great hit with our customers.


We had the Abergavenny Under 13’s Rugby Team here for some team building.  They were a great bunch and some excellent team bonding took place.  Here is a video review from their coach


On the 12th April our staff underwent intensive training by A Squadron (Specialist military, security and survival training & instruction) for our new CQB area.  Our £25k CQB (close quarters battle) area, which we have been working on for 12 months, will be open soon. This will be for older players (min age 14) and will be very exciting and will also be great fun.

The area has been tactically designed by a Hostile Environment Close Protection operative and set designed by a head set designer of Torchwood and Dr Who.

Definition of CQB –

“CQB consists of small units or teams which engage with the enemy with personal weapons at very short range, up to 30 meters. In the typical close quarters combat scenario, the attackers try a very fast takeover of a vehicle or structure controlled by the defenders, who usually have no easy way to withdraw. Because enemies, hostages/civilians, and fellow operators can be closely intermingled, close quarters combat demands a rapid assault and a precise application of lethal force. The operators need great proficiency with their weapons, and the ability to make split-second decisions in order to minimise accidental casualties”

We look forward to welcoming old and new customers for this experience.


Thanks to local (and not so local) word of mouth I think most people are aware now that we run regular zombie events.  They are terrifying, but there are so many of us who want to be terrified whilst having a load of fun lol.   These are for the over 13’s only and rather than try and tell you what they involve I have posted below some reviews – enjoy!

5 of 5 starsReviewed 8 April 2014 So I returned to battlefield Live again for another EPIC/AMAZING/WOWZA Zombie Apocalypse with my Youth Group on Saturday April 5th – Luckily it was still light and as we had been before it wasn’t as scary – HAH who am I kidding – we were TERRIFIED! This time we were fighting for survival against another surviving group – and had to dominate certain survival kit – harder than it sounds – especially when you are running away from the two stray Zombies that were roaming around!

When your 20 lives are gone – you had to re-spawn – IN THE GATES OF HELL! The first time I had to re-spawn I had to have some of my youth group go with me – it was very very nerve racking – especially when you are then chased by two child zombies! And when the gates of hell are opened — still gives me chills seeing all these zombies come sprawling out! RUUUUUN!

All in all the event was again AMAZING- everyone came away with smiles on their faces and filled with adrenaline! The staff make you feel at ease, they guide you when you’re stuck, and if you were too scared (I wasn’t, promise) they took you around the gates of hell. 

I cannot recommend BFL enough – a family outing, a stag/hen do, Youth group, girls vs boys – whatever, make sure you get yourself booked in for a thrilling and scary event!

We will be seeing you soon BFL!  Kate from Point Young Persons Trust, Fishguard

A review from another ‘survivor’ who also happens to have a blogspot
So now that it’s term time again we have a bit of space to get geared up for the forthcoming Summer.  Looking forward to it.


If you’re coming down to Pembrokeshire this Easter, we can promise you two things – Excitement and Fun!

For those who have never played at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire, boy are you in for a treat.  The beauty of this activity is that it is suitable for all the family, not just the boys.   Our woodland is very atmospheric and has a purpose built jungle ‘battlefield’ where you can let your imagination go forget about the outside world for a while.  Your adrenalin will pump but keep your head as there are many missions to carry out that require planning and communication with the rest of your team.

We have many families who make a beeline for us as soon as they get down here for their holidays.  I think the record is held by the Manson family (Mum, Dad, daughter & son) for visiting us 4 times in one week.  Our customers return to us every year and often meet other families who they met the year before, and everyone is assured of a warm welcome from our friendly, experienced staff.  Nothing is too much trouble.  Here is a recent review from a visiting family

Our family of five (Dad 47, Mum 46, daughter 14, daughter 12 and son 7) all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves when we visited Battlefield Live which is a family business run by Steve & Toria.  Toria provides a warm welcome and organises all the camouflage gear at the reception at the top of the wooded hillside, then the marshals take the players down the winding pathway to divide us into groups, provide weaponry and xplain the format of the fun. All this is done in a lovely, rather understated manner that reflects how professional the whole set up is and very successfully lessens any doubts or concerns you may have. We played three game formats and the nearly two hours of activity went by in a flash… as did most of the enemy I was trying to shoot!  We will most definitely be returning. The team have plans to extend and develop the experience, so I know it will be the same but better next time, and there are very few tourist experiences you can say that about. Highly recommended.

In case you didn’t know, we use infra-red technology (just like in your TV remote) so there are no projectiles and therefore no pain or bruising.  Our gaming guns show real time hit feedback so you know how many hits you have made or taken.  Laser combat has many advantages over paintball:-


  • Extremely accurate and long range
  • More tactical than paintball
  • Unlimited ammo / no extra charges
  • No long waits – Respawn back into the action
  • Harmless – no pain or bruising
  • No cheating
  • Environmentally-friendly


There is a third thing we can promise you in April.  On the 5th of April to be precise.  We can sum it up in one word – ZOMBIES.    I know, I know there are zombies everywhere at the moment.  It is becoming increasingly popular to be scared out of your wits whilst having a shed load of fun BUT aren’t you tired of running from Zombies?  We think you should stand up and fight.  On the 5th April, here at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire, there will be a Zombie Apocalypse where two teams of survivors will have to fight to gain domination of the woods.  However there are a couple of things they will have to contend with.  There will be ‘walkers’ roaming the woods who have the capability of taking health off your weapon.  Also if you are unfortunate enough to have to respawn, you will have to enter the gates of Hell to do so.  There is an age limit for this event and only 13’s and over can participate.  All bookings are taken on 07777 671301

So whether you are coming for some laser combat action or zombie action we look forward to seeing you here at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire.


Mmmmm, that is the question on a lot of people’s lips; but then again heatwaves are talked about a lot down here.  We get some sunny weather and it sets everyone off – me included.  I suppose it’s because most of us love sunshine; the animals love sunshine; the plants and gardens love a bit of sun; everything grows and everyone is in a good mood.  Actually there is nothing and nowhere quite like Pembrokeshire when the sun is shining.  That’s not to say Pembrokeshire isn’t magical in rain or wind or snow – it’s just different.  Anyhow I am going to let you know just some of the things that you can do, eat, experience, stay in enjoy in our beautiful county this Easter whether the sun is shining or not.  There are too many towns and villages to detail here so I am going to concentrate on the Tenby, Saundersfoot and Narberth area

First up is Caldey Island.  After all it is Easter and it’s not just about chocolate is it.  Caldey Island has a mystical, ethereal quality that fills the soul and leaves a calm peace in its place when you leave the Island.  A trip over to the island on one of the ferry boats is a must this Easter.  I thoroughly recommend it for reconnecting with nature and slowing down the pace of life, albeit for a short while.

I remember Easter as a child vividly.  I, and my siblings, would come down to breakfast (unusually early for us on this one day of the year!) and there would be laid out masses of Easter eggs around each of our place settings.  We had a beautiful view of Saundersfoot beach from the bay windows and it was heaven to gaze out and watch the early morning comings and goings of the boats in the harbour if the tide was in.  A stroll along Saundersfoot Harbour at any time of the day is very pleasing but is more enjoyable when the tide is in.  Check the tide tables and perhaps plan a stroll before your evening meal in one of the restaurants in the village.  The Cookaba is a great place to eat with very friendly, helpful staff and a relaxing atmosphere.  There are lots of other places to eat including The Mermaid restaurant with a magnificent view over the bay and The Mulberry Restaurant which has delicious food.

There are loads of places to stay in Pembrokeshire and your first port of call may be FMB Holidays to find that perfect accommodation for your tastes.  With plenty of dog friendly accommodation your ‘best friend’ can come down here with you and the family.  It’s good to keep the family all together and this includes pets if you have them.  Obviously I’m talking about dogs as it would be quite challenging to organise transport of cats, horses, lizards etc!

Beaches, of which there are many, are a great way to get some exercise, unwind and generally relax, whether is is a gentle stroll, jog, game of footie or cricket or an expedition over the rocks to find some rock pools.  Or you could just lie back on your beach towell and soak up the rays.

For those of you who want to trek inland a bit there is Narberth which is described as ‘cosmopolitan’ in Pembrokeshire terms where there are lots of lovely shops, tea rooms and boutiques.

Some other places to visit are:-  Tenby Museum, St Catherine’s Island, Carew Castle, Carew Karting, Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire, Folly Farm, Heatherton, Manor House Wildlife Park

Sorry I have not covered more places but you could be here all day reading the list lol.

If you come to Pembrokeshire this Easter you will be assured of a warm welcome 🙂


What a lovely, welcome few words I overheard today whilst in Cafe 25 in Tenby – “It’s going to be lovely weather for the next two weeks” – Sure, I said to myself, I’ve heard that before; but it seems they are right.  Good weather is on the way.   So if you are going to visit here are a few choices for eating and doing in and near Tenby.

There really is no need to go abroad when the sun is shining in Pembrokeshire.  There are loads of beautiful beaches, inspiring scenery, history-steeped castle ruins and much, much more.

There are so many places to stay and here are just a few.

Right, I’m off to get some suntan lotion!