What wonderful weather we have been having in Pembrokeshire lately – apart from today ūüôĀ Never mind it is just a glitch and we have all been informed by the weather person that sunny days are coming back to Pembrokeshire soon.

Talking of hot, sunny days did you know that Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire offers evening laser combat sessions too?  Our evening sessions are very popular with those who want the best of both worlds when they visit here on holiday; the beach and an exciting activity fitted into one day.  Last year we had lots of families take advantage of this.
1.  Spend the day relaxing or playing cricket/badminton/football on one of the many beautiful beaches Pembrokeshire has to offer, cooling off with a refreshing swim in the sea.
2.  Have a quick bite to eat to replenish energy levels in one of the many cafes around here.
3.  Play an exciting session of Battlefield Live laser combat with the whole family (min age 7).
4. ¬†Chat about the evening’s adventure round the barbecue or a table at one of our local restaurants.
Your experience here will be fun and jam-packed full of excitement which will provide the kids (and mums & dads) with happy and long lasting memories.
Of course you may want to spend the day at Folly Farm (which is just down the road from us) before your evening ‘battle’. ¬†In fact staff from Folly Farm had an evening session with us last night and had a whale of a time.
Folly Farm staff at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire
Folly Farm staff enjoying laser combat at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire

The final score was pretty close I might add.

I visited Folly Farm recently and saw their adorable penguins up close. ¬†I’ve heard that a pride of lions will be settled in to the park in a couple of weeks time. ¬†Cannot wait!