In 2016 Battlefield Pembrokeshire Laser Combat was voted one of 4 finalists in Pembrokeshire Tourism’s Best Day out in Pembrokeshire.

At Wales’ premier laser combat venue we pride ourselves on being a family friendly outdoor activity. There is something quite thrilling in playing ‘hide & seek’ in the woods with your family. Yes there is the added plus of having your trusty weapon at your side where you can look through a red dot scope with aiming precision and just wait for your moment to pick off your opponent. The beams are harmless infra-red pulses just like in your TV remote and completely eye safe. There is no physical contact and there are no projectiles, unlike paintball.

The sounds that emanate from the woods when a game is in progress range from shrieks of laughter; shouts of ‘watch the left, watch the left’; giggles; excited ‘whoop whoops’; whispers; and occasionally …. silence …. when both teams have decided to play the stealth card.

This Summer we had loads of families visiting us up to 3 times during their holiday here!

Here are a couple of Trip Advisor reviews from visiting families this Summer:-


We did this experience as something to finish the kids school holidays with. There were 2 adults and 2 children aged 12 and 9 and we all loved it. Firstly we booked it at the last minute and as we didn’t have the right footwear Toria ensured that boots were provided for us as well as the overalls etc. The missions all take part in a great location in the woods with muddy tracks and hideouts – it was great. Our small group made up with other parties made a total group of about 20 which is split into two teams. The teams are lead by Steve and Beth who talk you through the missions. It was great as an adult to be able to roll back the years and jump and crawl around in the mud again. If you want something fun and active to do as a family do this as you wont regret it.




We were a group of 15 all family aged between 7years to 50 years and we all had a fantastic time the staff were all friendly and couldn’t do enough to make our time there the best it could be. We can’t wait to go again and would definitely recommend.


“A chance for the kids (and big kids) to play Call Of Duty in the woods.”
5 of 5 stars

If, like me, you have kids/teenagers whom you can’t drag of the xbox/ps4 due to them playing CALL OF DUTY etc. Then this place is the place for them/and you.

The initial booking in process itself is good fun as you are presented with Camo overalls and a camo cap. Not only that but you are provided camo war paint. Genius!.

After an initial briefing and being set into two teams (you may not be on the same team as the rest of your family/party but it is negotiable. But saying that fun to go up against the kids), you are led into the woods to camp where, you are armed with your weapon and briefed on the first event. Before you know it you are throwing yourself all over the place, ducking for cover, barking orders, getting them thrown back at you and getting engrossed in the game.

There are several individual games to play and each game is explained to you before each begins.
The weapons are easy to use and have individual digital displays explaining your personal statistics. There are opportunities to use a differing weapon throughout the sessions.

All ages ages and sexes can play these games and what’s even better, is the ability to run the sessions whatever the weather.

The use of the companies overalls is a particular bonus. This, in essence, saving you getting your own clothes dirty.

The staff were outstanding. Friendly, helpful and polite. Bookings over the phone and by email were easy using the website and it appears you can attend and pay on the day (although booking ahead is better).

There is free onsite parking and toilet facilities consist of a portaloo which was very clean and well maintained.

This was one of the best days out that we have been to as a family and will certainly be going again.Worth every penny.

And for those on facebook or twitter, they even get you in the act with a group ‘Selfie’ if you choose to do one and upload it.

laser combat wales with battlefieldlivepembrokeshire

laser combat wales with battlefieldlivepembrokeshire
laser combat wales with battlefieldlivepembrokeshire

If you pay a visit to our website you will find that we have various offers and discounts of which you might like to take advantage. If you have any queries or wish to book a session time that is not mentioned on the website, then one of our staff is only a phone call away on 07777 671301.