For animal lovers it gives great piece of mind to be able to bring your dog, or dogs, with you on holiday instead of leaving them behind in kennels.  The holiday atmosphere with all their ‘family’ is good for them too.

Here in Pembrokeshire we have a choice of pet-friendly places to stay including accommodation with FBM Holidays.  There are lots of dog-friendly beaches here and some attractions such as Oakwood Theme Park offer dog kennels to leave your dog safely whilst you are there.

One of my favourite dog walks is Colby Woodland Garden.  If you park in the top car park (signposted) then there is a lovely loop you can walk with your dog safely.  If you feel like a refreshing cup of tea and perhaps some home made scones after your walk then just nip down the road – of course your dog is welcome too – and visit Bothy Tea Room which is situated in the delightful walled courtyard of Colby Lodge.  Dogs are welcome anywhere in the gardens as long as they are on the lead.

Colby Woodland Garden and Both Tea Room is where I send all customers of Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire who are not taking part in the laser combat action but would prefer a gentle stroll through beautiful gardens.  They all come back to pick up their family from us looking relaxed and chilled out 🙂

To cap off your day why not try one of Pembrokeshire’s dog-friendly restaurants found here in The Woof Guide or the Good Dog Guide

Have a look here for a details of where you can go with your dog and what you can do with them tagging along.

As I am tied up with running Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire every day my lovely dog Will has to wait until the early evening for his walk, or should I say run, as he is a greyhound/labrador cross with a large dollop of Belgian Shepherd mixed in.


He runs for miles then sleeps the rest of the day.  It keeps me fit and I come across friendly faces of other dog runners at that time of day.

Whether you come to Pembrokeshire with your dog or without, you will have a lovely holiday.  Enjoy