If you’re coming down to Pembrokeshire this Easter, we can promise you two things – Excitement and Fun!

For those who have never played at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire, boy are you in for a treat.  The beauty of this activity is that it is suitable for all the family, not just the boys.   Our woodland is very atmospheric and has a purpose built jungle ‘battlefield’ where you can let your imagination go forget about the outside world for a while.  Your adrenalin will pump but keep your head as there are many missions to carry out that require planning and communication with the rest of your team.

We have many families who make a beeline for us as soon as they get down here for their holidays.  I think the record is held by the Manson family (Mum, Dad, daughter & son) for visiting us 4 times in one week.  Our customers return to us every year and often meet other families who they met the year before, and everyone is assured of a warm welcome from our friendly, experienced staff.  Nothing is too much trouble.  Here is a recent review from a visiting family

Our family of five (Dad 47, Mum 46, daughter 14, daughter 12 and son 7) all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves when we visited Battlefield Live which is a family business run by Steve & Toria.  Toria provides a warm welcome and organises all the camouflage gear at the reception at the top of the wooded hillside, then the marshals take the players down the winding pathway to divide us into groups, provide weaponry and xplain the format of the fun. All this is done in a lovely, rather understated manner that reflects how professional the whole set up is and very successfully lessens any doubts or concerns you may have. We played three game formats and the nearly two hours of activity went by in a flash… as did most of the enemy I was trying to shoot!  We will most definitely be returning. The team have plans to extend and develop the experience, so I know it will be the same but better next time, and there are very few tourist experiences you can say that about. Highly recommended.

In case you didn’t know, we use infra-red technology (just like in your TV remote) so there are no projectiles and therefore no pain or bruising.  Our gaming guns show real time hit feedback so you know how many hits you have made or taken.  Laser combat has many advantages over paintball:-


  • Extremely accurate and long range
  • More tactical than paintball
  • Unlimited ammo / no extra charges
  • No long waits – Respawn back into the action
  • Harmless – no pain or bruising
  • No cheating
  • Environmentally-friendly


There is a third thing we can promise you in April.  On the 5th of April to be precise.  We can sum it up in one word – ZOMBIES.    I know, I know there are zombies everywhere at the moment.  It is becoming increasingly popular to be scared out of your wits whilst having a shed load of fun BUT aren’t you tired of running from Zombies?  We think you should stand up and fight.  On the 5th April, here at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire, there will be a Zombie Apocalypse where two teams of survivors will have to fight to gain domination of the woods.  However there are a couple of things they will have to contend with.  There will be ‘walkers’ roaming the woods who have the capability of taking health off your weapon.  Also if you are unfortunate enough to have to respawn, you will have to enter the gates of Hell to do so.  There is an age limit for this event and only 13’s and over can participate.  All bookings are taken on 07777 671301

So whether you are coming for some laser combat action or zombie action we look forward to seeing you here at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire.