Headed to Pembrokeshire this Whitsun? Unfortunately, it’s that time of year where it’s either going to be 20 something degrees, blazing sunshine or gale force winds and frizzy hair. There is no in between. Before your visit, you’ll likely be looking for family activities that won’t be compromised by the unreliable Welsh weather. Getting the balance right isn’t easy – the kids will probably protest to a soggy country walk, but you’ll be wanting to make the most of the outdoors while you can. Saying that, being on the go 24/7 may not be everyone’s idea of a good break. This is where Battlefield Live Laser Combat comes in!
Why is a game at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire the ideal fun family activity this half term?

You may have a few teenagers in tow miserably cramming in the revision on the road as the end of the exam season draws to a close. Regular breaks, being active and having time away from the desk are essential to revision success, so why not give them the opportunity to turn their focus away from the books and onto the battlefield? A game at Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire is the perfect antidote to that all-too-familiar revision blur!

Not feeling a game on the battlefield yourself? No problem; book the kids in for a game and enjoy an hour and a half of peace! Take a visit to Bothy Tea Rooms in Colby Woodland Garden for coffee and cake, or hang around at reception with a cuppa from us.

If all this isn’t enough, we are brilliantly located just 15 minutes from Tenby, meaning the likes of Heatherton and the Dinosaur Park are only a stones throw away. A visit to Morfa Bay or Ritec Valley will also be sure to continue the action!

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today, get on some coveralls and say hello to your licence to have fun – no laundry nightmares included!

Blog by Beth Williams

Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire