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Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire.

I hear a helicopter roar over head as night begins to fall. Ahead I see the flash of gunfire light up the steamy forest and my squad hits the muddy ground and returns fire. Am I playing the latest Call Of Duty? No, I’m in the heart of Pembrokeshire at BATTLEFIELD LIVE!

I’m a regular “Sofa Soldier” on computer games consoles and relished the chance to shoot my colleagues here at PEMBROKESHIRES BEST, but nothing prepared me for the intense, adrenalin rush that I felt crouched under some bushes in our county. I look down the sights and line up an enemy and squeeze the trigger, I see instantly I’ve hit them as their headwear flashes red.

Rewind an hour and we’re being fully trained by their great instructors in how to wield the impressive guns they have (the same models are used by the British Army and Navy to train their ground forces!). It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you’ll all receive the same training to ensure you’re as battle ready as possible.

My early confidence quickly evaporated; there are no ‘infinite run perks’ here. All that computer gaming may have sharpened my senses but my legs are numb, my heart is thumping and every sense is heightened as I scan the dense forest for my enemy. This is as close to the real thing as you’ll ever want to get.

They also arrange special events from birthday parties, 24 hour sessions and night ops. So, as our session ends, we’re already discussing a rematch for Shaun’s birthday. Despite my aching legs, muddy face and utter exhaustion I agree wholeheartedly!

I never thought I’d find such a fun, intense and exciting combat experience in our county, Battlefield Live has all the adrenalin fuelled fun of Call Of Duty but without the sofa, it has all the fun of paintballing without the pain of being hit and it makes for a day out everyone can enjoy.

Just remember to keep your head down and your gun loaded!

Andy Chandler