Our arsenal consists of

  • Scorpions ( sub-machine guns)
  • Cobras (emulate P90’s)
  • Commandos (assault rifles)
  • Morita Sniper Rifles (ideal for snipers – these are one shot kill weapons in some missions)
  • Claymore mines (can take out the whole enemy team)
  • Medic Boxes (replenishes your weapon’s health)
  • Armour Boxes (gives you more lives simulating body armour)
  • Domination Boxes (tells you which team is in control)
  • Perk Boxes (in game perks such as double XP, One shot kill, Juggernaut etc

Our gaming guns are tough, durable and have an authentic look, weight and feel.  We use the best gaming-gun technology available and you get real time hit feedback.   All our weapons have red dot sights, except the Morita Snipers have cross-hair sights. Gamers kit up with weapons and sensors attached to caps/hats and guns. Aiming through red dot or telescopic scopes they shoot a precision infrared beam of light at the opponents’ sensors. These flash red to register a hit. Your gun will also tell you when you have made a hit.  When a player runs out of lives the gun deactivates and sensors shine red continuously so there’s no cheating.  Action resumes with a rapid respawn from the Respawn Boxes.  Ammo is unlimited.  You reload your own weapon.

Commando Carbine

This gaming gun is a great combination between compact design and huge firepower.  The Commando features a 30 shot magazine and supports both burst and semi-automatic fire.  The Commando is a mid-weight gun wighing 3.5kgs.  Its size and good firing range makes it a good all round gaming gun.  It uses an integrated 30mm red dot scope for aiming and has an adjustable stock which provides for a steady aim and therefore more accurate fire.

The Commando can emulate the following weapons:- Simonov Carbine 5K5, AK47/AKM, L85A1-2/SA80, Steyr Aug and G36

Scorpion Sub Machine Gun

This is a Special Compact (SC) class of weapon.

The Royal Marine Commandos now use these guns fortheir combat training on board ship.

The Scorpion weighs 2.2kgs and it is 38cm long

Morita Sniper Rifle

The Morita is in the Designated Marksman (DM) class of weapon.  

It weighs 4.3kgs and is 88cm long.  

It emulates the M24 Sniper Rifle and the Dragunov SVD.

Your gun will show you your stats which (even though our missions are team based) is useful for players.

 Real time stats on your weapon

“These gaming guns leave laser tag and paintball so far behind that it’s incomparable.” – The Ubisoft games designers”